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Making sense of research: Has campaign journalism changed on Twitter?

This is the second in a very occasional series of posts explaining my academic research for non-academic audiences. Check out the first post for the rationale behind the series, and if anything seems wrong or doesn’t make sense, let me … Continue reading


09. June 2014 by Mark
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Why political journalists can’t stand Nate Silver: The limits of journalistic knowledge

The more I think about the rift between political journalism and Nate Silver, the more it seems that it’s one that’s fundamentally an issue of epistemology — how journalists know what they know. Here’s why I think that’s the case. When … Continue reading


31. October 2012 by Mark
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This week in media musings: Obama v. Fox News, and NPR’s social media tact

As Jay Rosen surmised after my last Media Musings, this review is largely curated from Twitter, with some RSS thrown in there to catch anything I might have missed. But because I’ve been out on the road and mostly off … Continue reading


19. October 2009 by Mark
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